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Stories of Vision Loss

Can you relate?

If you have follow up questions for any of our guests, please email us at

Latest Episode

Episodes will be released every two weeks as we continue to feature new stories from around the world. Please let us know what you think! And thank you for listening.

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   The Show

Stories of Vision Loss asks the question: How does vision loss fit into your story?

Our goal is to capture and curate a collection of voices - to ask the question:


Can you relate?

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Blurry Lights

Host/Executive Producer

Charlotte in Texas in front of bluebonnets and cactus wearing a baseball cap that says "Let's Get Lost"

Charlotte Simpson

Executive Producer/Creative Director

MJ Jefferson in California smiling in front of a mural of a golden retriever.

MJ Jefferson

Our Partners

RealThingAI Logo

RealThing Ai

The maker of RealSAM Pocket - voice-operated and easy to use smartphone designed for people who are visually impaired.

Securus Technologies Logo

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has enabled us to expand our listenership.

Northwest Hills Eye Care Logo

Northwest Hills Eye Care

Northwest Hills Eye Care; Austin's low vision provider committed to maximizing patient's vision so that they can live their best lives.

WYE Network Logo

WYE Network

Maxwell Ivey of the What's Your Excuse podcast network has been helpful with connection and promotion.

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